South Dakota Pool & Dart
Tournament Corporation


D&E Music & Vending, Inc.



Team Name Division
Bake's Dart Vader F
Bake's McHofsonburg O
Bake's Mean Girls O
Bake's Play Nice P
Bake's Sharpshooters P
Bake's Show Us Your Tips H
Bake's To Be Determined D
Bake's Toot Toot MFs H
Bake's We The People G
Big Dummys Already Hit That C
Big Dummys BAMFs K
Big Dummys Ceral Killers C
Big Dummys Dart Dawgs I
Big Dummys EZ Outs M
Big Dummys Henchmen A
Big Dummys Lucky Shots O
Big Dummys No One B
Big Dummys Twisted Bullits J
Big Dummys We R C
Blarneys B Squad G
Blarneys Bull Dogs A
Blue Moon One Hole Off F
Brewskies Can't Hit Crap J
Brewskies Darty Sanchez C
Brewskies Dwight's Dum Dums B
Brewskies Here 4 The Beer L
Brewskies One Stitch K
Brewskies The Griswolds J
Brewskies Thongs & Dong N
Brewskis Beer 4 Bulls H
Butchs 3 Wieners & a Bun J
Butchs Guys & Girls K
Butchs Vagetarians B
Charlys 1 I
Charlys Chuggers G
Club Vega Shooters P
Coonhunter Dartin Divas O
Dalton's Armed & Hammered J
Daltons Awesome Foursome M
Daltons Bazinga H
Daltons Steakhouse P
Daltons Tips First L
Fergies Black Widows O
Haases Bling Squirrels O
Haases DeanoMite E
Haases Here I Go Again L
Haases Joey & the Jets I
Haases Ya Old Bull Dogs N
Hot Rods Bull Smokers K
Hot Rods Wolf Pack K
Jet Lanes Slack Pack J
Keg Sinners & Saints B
Kims Shot In The Dark G
Kims Wheres The Bull J
Kongo Klub Dawg Pound A
Kongo Klub Hooters K
Kongo Klub Hustlers H
Kongo Klub Liquor Box M
Kongo Klub Throw Togethers D
Kuip's Fantasy H
Kuips Full Of Bull B
LA VFW Coyotes Plus J
LA VFW Damn Nation E
LA VFW Four Skins E
LoneTree Fum Duckers H
LoneTree Lifers J
LoneTree Norfolk N Chance C
LoneTree Red Necks H
Longhorn Darts of Hazard N
Longhorn Limp Tips B
Longhorn Men With Long Darts C
Longhorn Outlaws K
Longhorn Poor Boyz H
Longhorn Throw N Together H
Longhorn Twisted Flights K
Lucky Horseshoe Better Late Than Never F
Lucky Horseshoe Cubbys I
Lucky Horseshoe One Hole Away N
Lucky Horseshoe Show Me Your Tips M
Mitchell Legion Are U Serious P
Mitchell Legion Hit & Miss M
Mitchell Legion Legions of Doom L
Mitchell Legion Night Owls E
Mitchell Legion PIMA E
Mitchell Legion Stimey & the Stooges D
Mitchell Legion Who Darted M
Mitchell VFW FRDs H
Moonlight Fair Play N
Moonlight Girlz On Fire N
Moonlight Mongers J
One Eyed Jacks Jokers M
Overtime Dart Doggs H
Overtime Dart Heroes G
Overtime Shafted F
Puk U Brew Crew E
Puk U Hit It Again L
Puk U It Is What It Is O
Puk U Make It Stick K
Puk U Wildcats I
Rec Bar Furtraders A
Rec Bar Here We Go A
Rec Bar Tip Twisters D
Roadhouse Bullz & Benders K
Roadhouse No Mud One More I
Roadhouse Off A Lot E
Sandys Armed & Hammered F
Sandys Bangin The Neighbors K
Sandys Full Of Bull K
Sandys Is That All U Got L
Sandys Snipers F
Sandys Town Drunks C
Silver Dollar Diddle Theese N
Silver Dollar Refuse To Lose C
Silver Dollar Survivors O
Stumble Inn Busch Whackers H
Suds Stop Goobers D
Suds Stop Good Times N
Suds Stop Jokers F
Suds Stop Locked N Loaded C
Sunset Bad Company B
Sunset Double Ds Tomahawkers D
Sunset Midnight Ryders I
Sunset Native Jokerz F
Sunset Red Stags F
Sunset Smokin Bulls B
Sunset Whatevers F
White Lake City Bar Pint Killers L




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