South Dakota Pool & Dart
Tournament Corporation


Manford Music



Team Name Division
Big D's Dart Team I
Big D's Rockstars K
Chahl's Pink Ladies O
Farmer's Daughter Armed & Hammered E
Hurst's Corner Brads Lil Devils M
Hurst's Corner Crew K
Hurst's Corner Double Ds E
Hurst's Corner Funhaters J
Hurst's Corner Hippies P
Hurst's Corner Thickheads C
Hurst's Corner WDGAD M
Lucky 13 Just The Tip G
Mar's Misfits O
Red Arrow Black Angus AA
Red Arrow Dart Devils M
Red Arrow Hammered & Dangerous L
Red Arrow Rated R Superstars B
Redline Sharpshooters D
Redneck Paradise Back Street Bulls N
Redneck Paradise Bandits P
Redneck Paradise Flight Risk I
Redneck Paradise Foxy Hookers P
Scoreboard Terminators A
Shooter's Crack Babies G
Shooter's Grim Reapers D
Shooter's Pink Shots N
Shooter's Sandbag Sally C
Sommer's Bar Outlaws D
Sommer's Bar Sunshine & Whiskey N
Square Deal Don't Know I
Thunderbird Snipers D
Willie's 3 Willies & a Whoo G
Willie's Highwayman C
Willie's Wild Hucks J





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